In-Complete VR is the first VR horror rhythmic game that combines the dark beats of classical music with raw and psychedelic visual effects in all the scenarios that represent the social demons of the 21st century. All of this alongside with an exceptional and original soundtrack. Let yourself capture by this totally new horror experience, where you are the only guilty for being there. Capture all your lost soul fragments and avoid the ones that have already hurt you or they will never stop hunting you! Restore the peace in your soul, scape, or live forever in your own hell!


A never seen before horror experience

Do you have what it takes to save yourself and escape from your own demons? In-Complete VR combines all the aspects of a psychological horror game combined with a unique 360 experience where you will be in charge of changing your destiny or doom yourself to the deeps of your own personal hell

Original Soundtrack

Composed in tune with all the pieces and the game environment, the music of In-Complete is meticulously created to take you in a listening experience where the uncertainty, suspense and fear will take over you.

Dynamic Scenarios

All of the In-Complete rooms and scenarios are specially made and designed to take you in terrorific and unique visual experience. As you progress in the levels, they will start changing, taking you on a one way ride to the deeps of your own hell. All of this in sintony with the music, the beat, and all of the elements of the game combined.

Game Concept

Recover the white pieces that are a part of you, and avoid the red pieces that will hurt you, and lock you in your own hell. Make combos, progress through the levels, get the highest score and save your soul!

Live the Horror in any Place, at Any Time

Available for all of the main VR devices in the market ( Valve Index, HTC Vive, Windows VR y Oculus Store). You dare to try it?


There are currently no trailers available for InComplete VR. Check back later for more or contact us for specific requests!


Awards & Recognition

  • "Pixelatl 2020's Chinelo game award finalist."

Selected Articles

Pixelatl Festival

Team & Repeating Collaborator

Pamela Estefania Chávez López
Producer, Game and Level Designer, Art Director, 3D Artist, Technical Artist, Scriptwriter, QA
Luis Monster
Producer, Coder, Level Designer
Rodrigo Suré
Concept Artist
Naomi Iwadare
Concept Artist
Isaac Amezcua
3D Artist, Technical Artist
Jorge Rodiles
Animator, Rigger
Esteban Ruiz Velasco
Music Composer
Ricardo Cervantes
Eduardo Guerrero
José David Montoya Vilchis
Alan Terrazas
3D Artist, Rigger
Special Thanks
To Arturo Sánchez, for the code core idea in the GGJ 2020, and for always having motivation and good vibes. To Levo Gaona, Diana Kodashi, Oscar Jasso, Miriam Karina, Kevin Abarca, Sergio González, Fede Pardossus for their support.